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This website is dedicated to giving you the best golf carts reviews online. There is no shortage of products available, but how do you decide which one to buy? All manufacturers will claim their cart is the best and offers the best value for your money, but that’s not always true. You could easily spend hours researching, but no need for that as this website has it all covered: we review the finest golf carts and also offer tips and guidelines for buyers.

electronic golf carts

As the best golf carts and push cart reviews will show you, having one of these on a golf course is going to save you time and during the season, keep the players and the game moving. There’s also the fact that these can double up as utility vehicles to carry golf clubs, and it also serves as a mode of transport as it can be tiring to move across the course. But while they have similar functions, there are different types of golf carts, and features vary as well.

Electric vs. Gas Golf Carts

When you go through the best golf carts reviews, it becomes clear there are two main types available: gas and electric. Both have their pros and cons, but generally speaking electric carts are less expensive than gas, but there are many full-featured gas carts sold today. The following information should make things clearer. check the electronic golf carts.


Gas Golf Carts

Gas carts require regular unleaded gas to operate and usually has 10 to 12 horsepower with engines that work similar to that of a car. This also means they require maintenance similar to a car as well. What makes gas carts attractive for a lot of people is their versatility. While they are designed mainly for use on the golf course, these carts can also be used in the garden, farming, transportation in event venues, etc. check out our top Gas Golf Carts Reviews.


1.Gas carts can run longer on one tank compared to an electric cart on a single battery charge.
2.They usually have more horsepower than an electric cart.
3.The high horsepower translates to greater speeds, more powerful acceleration, and better performance.
4.Versatile and can be used in other ways apart from the golf course


1.Gas carts generate more noise than their electric counterparts
2.Requires gasoline, so it’s more expensive


Electric Golf Carts

If you read the best golf carts reviews online, you’re going to find that electric cart gain a lot of positive feedback, and that’s no surprise. The typical electric cart provides 3 HP, but improvements in batteries and features allow the newer models to supply five horsepower or greater. A typical electric cart requires a charge every couple of days depending on the batteries and frequency of use. However, a properly cared for a battery can last for 5 to 6 years before a replacement is required.


1.Electric carts hardly produce any noise when running
2.They don’t need fuel and require very little maintenance
3.Saves money over time
4.Electric golf carts don’t produce toxic emissions, making them eco-friendly


1.A single battery charge lasts for one to two days, shorter than a gas cart
2.Battery life depends on how the cart is used. Accessories like heaters, radio, and fans will shorten the battery life.


So which is the better of the two?

In fact, the answer to the question which is better, gas or electric, depends on personal preferences and how you will use the cart. As a recreational vehicle, either type will do just fine. A lot of golfers prefer electric carts because they’re silent and don’t require gas, so it’s convenient and eco-friendly to boot.

That being said, electric cars are dependent on batteries, so if you’re going to use the cart extensively, you might be better off with a gas cart. This is especially true if you’re going to use the cart for non-golf related activities like RV and camping.

Best Golf Carts Reviews

Features of golf carts

Today’s carts come with a lot of features whether it’s gas or electric. However, buying carts with the most features isn’t always the best solution as it also comes down to what you need and how you will use the cart. One of the primary considerations is the passenger capacity, which ranges from one to six.

Some carts have a canopy to protect the passengers from the heat, debris or rain, while others don’t have any. If you want complete protection look for those with canopies as well as doors and windshields. As the best golf carts or Golf Push Carts reviews will indicate, high-end golf carts even come with radio, GPS, posh leather seats, air conditioning, heating, built-in refrigerators and drink holders.


Some may consider the features superfluous while others believe they’re essential, it’s up to you.
More importantly, check the cart for safety features like seat belts and roll bars to protect the passengers in case the cart is overturned. You will also want to look for speed restrictors and headlights if you’re going to use it at night. While carts are safe to use, the possibility of an accident and injury are always there to be safe.

What Buyers Should Look For

Electric and gas-powered carts are sold at different prices, and the cost will depend on the features. A basic, no-frills model costs around $4,000, and on the other end you can spend up to $15,000 for a cart with all the accessories like coolers, DVD players, and radios. As the best golf carts, reviews will show, however, the price range for most gas and electric carts is $5,000 to $10,000. Within that range, you should be able to purchase a 2 to 4-seat cart with zipping covers, a windshield, and headlights.
The price tag mentioned above is for leisure and recreation carts, whereas those for industrial use are more expensive ($8,000 to $12,000). These have additional features like a bed for carrying supplies, but you’re not going to use these on a golf course.


For first time buyers, here’s a quick rundown of the essential features you should look for.
Used vs. new golf carts: a used golf cart can be as low as $2,000, but you have to make certain the quality is good, and the seller has a good reputation.

When buying new carts, read the product description thoroughly to determine if the accessories are included or not. If the cart seems a bit cheap, it could be the accessories you see displayed on the image has to be purchased separately.

Some carts can be fully customized for purchase, allowing you to decide which options and features to add.
If this is your first time to buy a cart, investigate the manufacturer’s reputation and what golfers have to say about their products. Whenever possible, stick with reputable companies that don’t have a reputation for accident-prone carts. Next, read the warranty, how long it lasts and what defects/damages are covered. A new golf cart usually has a 2 to 3-year warranty so don’t buy a cart with a one year warranty.


If money is not the concern, you can get a high-quality cart that will last for years, not to mention the fact that the cart will be aesthetically pleasing. Given a choice between a low-cost new golf cart and a cheap used one, go with the new cart. Though second-hand cars can save you a couple of thousand dollars on the initial purchase, it could cost you more in the long run due to maintenance, parts, and so on.


If you’re buying a cart for long-term use, think of it as an investment that will pay off in the future. Even if you’re on a budget, you should have little trouble finding a good cart for $4,000 to $5,000. Whatever you decide to buy, make certain it’s a reputable brand.


The battery and gas lifespans on product descriptions are usually for “ideal” situations, and using accessories like lighting, GPS, and other electronic devices will drain its power faster. An electric cart uses the same batteries for the motor as well as any other accessory or item you’ll use, so that’s going to be a drain. The same is true for gas carts, but they usually have a generator/starter that charges a battery when the pedal is depressed, but even that will run out if too many accessories are used.


Performance varies per product, but if you’re going to use it only on the golf course, a 3 to 5 HP electric cart will run smoothly. Both the electric and more powerful gas carts can perform some work in the yard too. But if you’re after the rugged performance you should buy only the best available.


Last but not the least, you have to read the best golf carts reviews, because that will give you an idea of how well these products work. It is one thing to read the product description but quite another when it comes to performance in real life situations. By reading the reviews here, you’ll learn the product’s features, pros, cons, and most important, which cart to purchase online.

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  • Kevin Meyers says:

    We have a cabin on an island that we use for recreational purposes. It has a nine hole golf course. Sometimes we get over there once a month sometimes it’ll be a couple months before we go. Sometimes for a week. Sometimes just a few days. I understand the differences between electric vs. gas. Prefer electric.I just don’t know how well the batteries will hold up in a golf cart that isn’t used on regular basis. Thanks very much.

  • Teri says:

    I would like an opinion on: 2018 Edison-LVtong if you have one.

  • Dan Carey says:

    I would like your opinion on gas vs. electric when it will set six months of the year outside and it will be hot and humid. Witch one will hold up better for long term.

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