Different Types Of Golf Carts

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Different Types Of Golf CartsGolf carts used to be the preserve for the elderly golfers, but today, every golfer whether old or young can benefit from using them around the greens. With a golf cart, you do not have to waste your energy carrying the gears; the energy you could have otherwise used for your shots.

Due to the increased popularity of these vehicles, there have emerged different types of golf carts, and as a serious golfer, you need to know the one that best suits you. The popular types include the manual push golf cart, the pull carts, the famous electric carts, and the remotely controlled golf carts.


Different Types Of Golf Carts Reviews:

Carts are small vehicles and are used to carry golfers and their golf clubs around a golf course avoiding the effort to walk. Most often seen are golf carts for two golfers but today carts with multiple passenger seats are available.

Golf carts come in different types and are more generally used to service small numbers of passengers in short distances just reaching less than 15 mph (24 km/h). They are around 4 feet (1.2 m) wide × 8 feet (2.4 m) long × 6 feet (1.8 m) high and weigh 900 pounds (410 kg) to 1,000 pounds (450 kg). Most are powered by 4-stroke engines, but now also electric vehicles are strolling in the golf courses.

image_20151108_165532Golf Carts come in different types and different engines. There are the gas vehicle and electric ones. Their prices range from below a $1.000 up to $20.000.

There are also 4×4 golf carts that are more powerful and are suitable for hilly terrains and can also be used for heavier uses than golfing like gardening and other outdoor activities.
Depending on the smoothness of the golf playground a golf cart with a stronger motor might be needed.

Electric golf carts are preferably in the golf courses due to their lack of pollution and noise.Today`s largest manufacturers of golf cars are Ingersoll Rand (Club Car), E-Z-Go and Yamaha.


Push Golf Carts

These are perhaps the most popular golf carts today. As the name suggests, they don’t have any motor; they are just pushed. You will come across different models with different features, but basically, they are three-wheeled or four-wheeled, either way, they are cheaper than all other types. They are very easy to control, lighter than the electric ones and they have more storage space. However, push golf carts takes much of your energy when pushing it around the green, of course not as much energy as you could have used without one. Push golf cart are a little bigger than the pull one, which means they occupy more storage space even when folded, but the fact that they are easy to move around make them the best golf cart among the manual carts.


Golf pull carts

The pull carts are the smallest, not to mention the simplest of all types of golf carts. They are usually two-wheeled propelled by dragging them behind you. These are most suitable for golfers who do not have a lot of golf gears to carry, and of course, those who want to conserve their energy for their game. Since they are the smallest and do not have a motor, they are the lightest among all types of golf carts. Other than that, pull carts are so far the cheapest on the market; they are quick to assemble and fold. Compared to the golf push carts, pull golf carts are a little difficult to move around with, and since they are small, they do not have a lot of storage space.


Electric Golf Carts

Electric golf carts have taken the gold industry like a storm, as they make things much easier for all kind of golfers; young, old and even the physically challenged. Electric golf carts feature a motor, which means you drive them around the greens. Long ago, they used to be a one passenger vehicle, but today, you can find models that have two or three passengers’ seats

They also come in different forms, i.e. battery powered which is the most popular and the gas-powered type.


Remote controlled

These are designed on the idea of pull and pushcarts, and they come in different shapes and frame. They are primarily powered by a battery and a remote control mechanism. These means you don’t have to move with them, all you need is to direct them to the direction of your choice, which allows you to get more focused on the game. Other than that, they can maneuver in any course terrains easily.


Gas power golf carts

The gas powered golf carts typically use unleaded gasoline; they are very powerful since their operation is similar to a regular car. They are a little noisier than their battery-powered, and they require higher maintenance when compared to their counterpart, but needless to say, they are the best when it comes to moving through vast terrains.


Luxury golf carts

The Luxury Golf carts are finding their way to the market, and they feature all the things you were probably looking for in a golf cart. There are no ordinary golf carts; they are electrically driven, and with more interior features that ooze luxury. Most of them are customizable, without compromising the luxury golf features.

Let’s Talk more about Push and pull and remote controlled golf carts because of its very high demand and affordable:

The Push and Pull golf carts.These vehicles are not designed to carry golfers but only to carry their bags. Most often those carts are used in walking golf courses within small distances.

They come in different formats like three wheels or four wheels. They can also be supplied with several electronic add-ons like GPS and more accessories so golfing is getting more comfortable!

The push and pull golf carts fold and unfold so they can be easily stored and carried in the trunk of any car.

Remote Controlled Golf Carts

Today due to the technology development, remote control golf carts existing that make golfing even more comfortable. The remotely controlled golf carts are based on the idea of the push and pull carts regarding their shape and frame. They are similarly designed, but they are supplied with batteries and remote control mechanism.


This type of golf carts allow to direct them in the desired direction and even in some models is possible to stop in certain distances! For example, you can enter the distance into the control panel, to the next hole and it will go and stop just there! This makes remote controlled golf carts an accessory that allows you to get even more focused on playing golf!


These Different Types Of Golf Carts but a few golf carts you can find, whatever type you choose to make sure it serves your needs. Remember, a golf cart is supposed to be versatile; it’s meant to function beyond your golf cart, so before you make your purchase, careful look at the features that will make it functional and buy from a reliable dealer or website.

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