Best Callaway Strata Golf Sets reviews


Golf is a sport that is a favorite of many people from around the world. Its attractions will include being an activity that not only gets your blood and adrenaline pumping from making an excellent put or shot, but also the mental exertions that come with planning your next move in the course of your game.

Your golfing equipment has to be an integral part of your golf game. It takes the form of golf sets complete with various pieces of equipment that give you the momentum to make those killer swings and pots. A typical golf set includes equipment such as drivers, putters, iron/wedges, hybrids et al. It will also have a total number of clubs ranging from 12 to 18.

Best Callaway Strata Golf Sets reviews

Callaway leads the in the production quality golf sets. Amateur and Professional golfers have come to rely on the carefully crafted golf pieces to give them the edge in their game. estimates that the Callaway Group had made more than 800 million USD in sales of its golf clubs by the 1990s.

Callaway men’s strata ultimate Comparison Table:

CALLAWAY MEN’S STRATA 12-PIECE GOLF SET Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set, 18-Piece Callaway Strata Men's Complete Golf Set with Bag, 13-Piece
CALLAWAY-MEN’S-STRATA-12-PIECE-GOLF-SET Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set, 18-Piece Callaway Strata Men's Complete Golf Set with Bag, 13-Piece
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Includes: 9 Clubs, 2 Headcovers, 1 Bag Includes: 12 Clubs, 5 Headcovers, 1 Bag Includes: the bag and headcovers

How to choose Callaway Strata golf sets

Either as an amateur or a professional golfer, I would recommend that you carefully select the kind of golfing equipment you want to use. The following considerations should guide your decision of buying any brand of a golf set:

Will you engage in a game of golf say once or twice in a year or only on special occasions? Or you enthusiastic about the game so much that you intend to ascend the ropes and possibly become a professional player? In either case, you should be guided as to the cost and overall functionality you can derive from you selected golf set.

If you intend to be the occasional player, then I would advise that you opt for lower priced models that can give you the satisfaction of play at that level of leisure. On the other hand, if you will take to the golf course on a regular basis to hone your skills, may I suggest you go for golfing equipment that will give you the edge in your swings?

This move is to serve as a buffer for when you are presented with some brands that give you the same value for a range of prices.  I am of the opinion that even the most affordable golf clubs and associated equipment are still a bit pricey. Hence setting a limit to what you can enable you to make the most appropriate choice, amongst competing brands.

In my opinion, there are two important elements to the game of golf. They include the shaft organization (steel or graphite types) and the shaft flex(  the quantity, the curves of the poles and the swing). You must understand how each material will help your golfing goals. While graphite is lighter and helps with achieving faster swing rates, steel is more solid and is less dear. So whether you need precision or power, you must decide which of the shaft options will work for you.

The size of the golf club would play a great part in the level at which you play if you asked me. The sizes of golf clubs range from standard sized golf clubs to mid-sized to oversized golf clubs. I suggest you go for a size that suits your skill level and playing style.

In all my years searching for the best buying guide formula, these few points have always helped me get the best out of my money.


Callaway men’s strata ultimate review


The Callaway Men’s Strata 12-piece golf set has everything you need to have an outstanding game of golf. I guarantee that with this golf club, you can hit those golf balls with precision and accuracy.  Take, for instance, The Callaway’s strata 12 piece golf setcomes with a 460cc driver with an enlarged sweet spot. This enhancement helps you to blast the golf ball off the tee with ease. The driver comes with a head cover included. This is a club I suggest you go for any day.

Callaway Men's Strata Set (12-Piece, Right Hand)
List Price: $275.00
Price: $188.27
You Save: $86.73
Price Disclaimer

The Callaway also has a 3-piece firewood, whose functional aerodynamic design will help you produce long and high flying shots. I aver that this piece of equipment will serve you in your quest to achieve higher lofts. The 5-set hybrids that come in The Callaway are easier to manipulate than difficult long irons and give you the range to deploy multiple techniques. The iron wedges give you ample room to achieve higher accuracy and precision, while the putters are shaped in a T-style alignment that helps with providing that needed panache for making the final put. My take: get this golf set. According to the, Callaway accounted for 70percent of the golf clubs used by American golfers.





The Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete golf set is another quality variant from the stable Of Callaway. For starters, I believe that its 18 pieces of premium golfing equipment are guaranteed to move your golfing to the very next level. This variant has 3-Wood and 5-Wood fairway woods with huge club faces that help you produce high flying shots. The heads of these clubs are made from steel with graphite shafts. This combination gives you the capability of making swift swings and high shots.

The Callaway Ultimate also has a 460cc driver made from titanium, with a large sweet spot. I should state that the use of light-weight titanium began in the early 1990s. I know this feature will refine your golfing skills. The putters in this Callaway are made from precise face milling that aids you in making shots that go greater distances with matching accuracy.

Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Set (18-Piece, Right)
List Price: $309.60
Price: $308.18
You Save: $1.42
Price Disclaimer

The Irons in the Callaway are of the 6-PW and SW variant which have been designed to give you more control over the swing of your clubs. The hybrids are the versions 4H and 5H which are totally forgiving and flexible to boot. Their function will be to help you execute the most complex shots with greater precision.

The  Callaway Ultimate also includes two wedges, a stand bag, five head covers and tee holders. These would be all winning additions if you asked me.




Callaway Men’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (16-Piece)

I can boldly state that the Callaway stable has a bit of everything for golfers. Hence the Callaway Men’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Club Set (16-piece) is a brand that is right for the average golf enthusiast.

Callaway Men's Strata Plus Set (16-Piece, Right Hand)
List Price: $284.49
Price: $276.25
You Save: $8.24
Price Disclaimer

The drivers (3W) in this Callaway have an incredible forgiving sweet spot along with a graphite shaft that permits you to make exceptionally long shots. The Hybrids (designated 4H and 5H) are designed for robust versatility and ample forgiveness on shots, compensating for periods when you would have to hit a difficult long iron. The iron/wedges of this 16-piece are fabricated for perimeter weighing and designed with progressive sole width technology to enable you to hit the golf ball with greater control. The putter comes with the revolutionary T-style alignment that guarantees you exercise the most delicate of controls for the final finish.





Your golf set is critical to your success at enjoying a game of golf. Beginner or a professional When you decide to pursue golfing either as a career or as an active hobby, I believe the stakes become higher. In selecting a golf set that will help you achieve your golfing goals; I suggest you pay attention to aspects such as choosing between forged or cast iron heads, graphite or steel shafts. Also, I am of the opinion that you can choose between a new golf set and a fairly used one. Whatever choices you make will depend on your overall objectives for the game as well as your skill level.

I believe that Callaway should be your product of choice, because of its years of research and product development. It went public on The New York Stock Exchange in February 1992. It recently just built 9 million dollar Research, Development and Testing Centre. This move, I can assure you, means that every Callaway’s golf set you buy, is built on quality and craftsmanship.


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