Best Golf Drivers under 100 For 2017

How many times do you hear the word “Fore” yelled on a golf course during a typical round? How many of those times is it you that is yelling that word to let others know of your errant shot? The most often time this word is uttered is off the tee box. The club used most often while in the tee box is your driver.

If you find yourself yelling this word more often than you like, it might be time to find a new Driver. However, you might now have the spare money to buy one of the newest models on the market. Therefore, you should focus on the Best Golf Drivers under 100 or less.

Best Golf Drivers under 100

Best & Cheap Golf Drivers Review Thoroughly

Within this article, we are going to explore four of the best-rated drivers in the market today that will cost you less than $100, to help you get your golf game situated for future visits to the course.

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver Nextt Golf Green Monster TaylorMade Men's R1 Black Golf Driver
Pinemeadow-golf-driver Nextt-Golf-Green-Monster TaylorMade Men's R1 Black Golf Driver
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Brand: Pinemeadow Golf Brand: Nextt Golf Brand: TaylorMade
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Includes: Headcover included 520 C.C. ILLEGAL, Power Cell Technology, Custom Headcover Hand Orientation: Left, Shaft Material: Graphite

TEC Plus 460cc Ti Matrix Men’s Driver

This driver has been engineered to deliver long and high drives. It is made out of Titanium and comes with a Graphite shaft. Equipped with a grip that is easy to get comfortable with, this driver will have you hitting the ball straight onto any size fairway in no time. With a 460cc head, it is a little smaller than your typical big-headed drivers but still, performs at their same level.

Due to the size of the head, it is a little less forgiving, as you will need to hit it within the center, but with the engineered balance this driver offers you, this driver will allow you to hit more golf balls in a straighter line.

Nextt Golf Men’s Green Monster CFX 520cc Driver

This driver comes with a graphite shaft and has a 520cc head on it. This driver has been made with balance in mind, as it comes with a power rail weight, allowing you to keep a smooth and clean stroke throughout the entire process.

Because the head is larger, there is an oversized sweet spot, giving you some forgiveness if you don’t quite hit the golf ball square on. With a 10 degree loft, you will hit longer drives with a lower trajectory, which means your ball can roll on the fairway longer. In addition to all of this, this driver comes with a fitted head cover!


TaylorMade Men’s r7 Quad 425

TaylorMade has made an entry is not the under $100 driver club with this model. Its Inverted Cone Technology gives you a large clubface to hit from, allowing you to increase both your distance and velocity.
It is also adjustable, allowing for you to account for your shot, by adjusting for feel, accuracy, and distance. This driver comes with the TaylorMade Launch Control, as well as the RE*AX shaft, which provides consistent speed and precision. The 425cc head is a little smaller compared to other drivers out on the market, but the flexibility this driver offers you more than compensate for this feature.


Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver

Pinemeadow is known for seeing what is hot within the marketplace, and finding a solution at a lower cost compared their competitors. When it comes to drivers, this is no exception. The PGX Offset is made from a Graphite Shaft and has a 460cc head.

It comes with their Anti-Slice Technology, with the offset clubface, which means you will compensate less for your swing while it is in the air. This is a relatively new concept with the offset driver head, but once you become accustomed to the offset head, you will notice results immediately, as you will hit a straighter shot with each and every swing.

Pro’s & Con’s with those Best Golf Drivers under 100



Best Golf Drivers under 100 Features

  1. Minimum cost for maximum Performance.
  2. Most still come with a head cover, to give you the feel of a more expensive driver.
  3. Graphite shaft makes it easier for those who are just starting out, or just need a lighter driver.
  4. With a smaller head, most are more balanced, making your swing easier to control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I care about having a Graphite shaft or a Steel shaft?

Ans: The main reason you should care about Graphite or Steel is the difference in weight between the two of them. If you want to go with a heavier driver, then you should go with a steel shaft, as they typically weigh more. The graphite shaft is about 25% lighter than a steel shaft, so if you need a lightweight driver than having a graphite shaft is the way to go.


When should I replace my Golf Driver?

Ans: Just because you buy a new set of Irons does not mean you need to purchase a new Driver. Although technology is moving at a fast pace, on a year to year basis, there are not many innovations when it comes to the Driver. You should only buy a new driver when you can tell your shot isn’t as effective as it used to be.


Will my Clubs be in a Hot or Cold Environment cause any Damage?

Ans: The simple answer to this question is no – no matter if your Driver is stored in a temperature controlled environment, or if they are stored in your garage or the trunk of your car, the temperature will not affect the durability of your Driver.

It would have to reach extreme temperatures for your golf clubs to be damaged by the weather (think -50 degrees, or up to 200 degrees). Therefore, the outside temperature should not have an effect on the durability of your Driver.


No matter what your reason is for buying a new driver for Beginners, it is clear you do not need to break the bank on purchasing your next driver. With the wide assortment of Drivers available on the market, once you find the right one for you, you’ll be able to keep it for years to come.

Almost all drivers come with the same warranty, so even if you don’t like it after you have purchased it, you can take it back and try a new one out. Hopefully, by finding the right driver for you, you’ll be saying “Fore” less often on the course, and lowering your score in the process.

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