Best Golf Cart Bags You Can Get In 2018 [Updated]

Last updated on August 21st, 2018 at 07:44 pm

Your golf bag is an essential part of the golf game and having the best in the market can give you an edge in the game. You’re probably going to do a lot of walking on the golf course and you bag better be functional, durable, organized and ready for the job. Modern bags have to come to be light and more spacious therefore allowing you to go to any event that may happen on the golf course.

Best Golf Cart Bags Comparison:

  1. Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag
  2. PING Golf Men’s Traverse II Cart Bag
  3. OGIO Golf 2017 Press Cart Bag
  4. Sun Mountain Sync Cart Bag 2017
  5. Bag Boy Revolver LTD 14-Way Golf Cart Bag
  6. Sunday Bag by ProActive
  7. Nike Air Sports Lite Stand Bag
  8. TaylorMade San Clemente Cart Bag
  9. Callaway 2017 Hyper-Lite 5 Stand Bag
  10. Wilson 2015 Carry Lite Golf Stand Bag
  11. K-Cliffs Driving Range Mini Course Training Practice Golf Bag Travel Case

If you are out shopping for a good golf bag some of the key considerations to look at, include space for; golf balls, golf clubs, tape, umbrella, rain gear, food, drinks and much more. Luckily for pro golfers today many quality functional golf bags in the market won’t cost you an arm and a leg. With a few golf bag categories, the best golf bags will eventually depend on your personal needs. Staff bags are the top of the line bags use mostly by pro golfers. Big roomy, luxurious and heavy these bags are the sedans of golf bags, the second category is the cart bags.

best golf bag

Noticeably smaller and lighter than the staff bag, these are meant to be carried on a golf riding cart or a golf push cart. Stand bags are another unique category that has two retractable legs. These allow the bag to stand upright like a staff or cart bag. Category number five are carry bags. Normally made light to reduce back strain, these are stand bags without retractable legs. They do have feet however that enable them to stay upright. From the efficiency of zippers, pocket design, organization, and installation of dividers and durability. here are the 11 best golf bags you can find on the market this year.

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Best Golf Bags Are:

1# Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

The Callaway Golf needs no introduction. One of the best-selling golf bags, the Callaway is a favorite for enthusiastic golfers far and wide.

The Callaway’s top features:

  • Lightweight and storage being the headline features of this cart bag. Its weight of under 5 lbs. and its ten accessory pockets show why people love this product.
  • In terms of its construction, the bags durability and robustness is head and shoulders above competitor standards.
  • The bag can maintain its stand even when fully loaded with golf clubs and accessories. Measuring 38 by ten by 10 inches, the Callaway has plenty of space for your golf necessities and more.
  • The materials and fabric used to make the bag are also hard and long-lasting. The bag can endure heavy duty torture.
  • The bag also adds an aesthetic appeal to everything. Vibrant colors and its beautiful shape make sure you don’t go unnoticed.
  • With regards to handling, the integration of the 14-way divider system with the innovative handler makes the bag a tad easier to maneuver about with.
  • The bag is also easy to fit into the cart because of the e-trolley system created on it. The trolley is designed so that it is compatible with many push carts.
  • Though lightweight, the weight distribution is manufactured in a way that the bag is able to ensure strong winds while standing upright.


Pros of the Callaway Org 2017

  • A removable bottom pocket makes for easy personalization with any emblem desired.
  • The fabric used to construct the bag is highly resilient and durable
  • Plenty of storage option to allow packing of rain gear, clubs even shoes if need be.

Cons of Callaway Org 2017

  • Straps holding the bag to the cart are not adjustable, making it difficult to adjust from one cart to another.
  • Some customers have reported that the insulated pocket is leaking.
  • Though we are grateful it’s available; one towel clip is not enough.

Available at an affordable price on Amazon the Callaway 2017 Org Cart Bag won’t disappoint considering its comfortable design, high-grade materials, and large storage capacity.

2# PING Golf Men’s Traverse II Cart Bag

The PING Golf Men’s Traverse II has recently emerged as one of the best golf bags for push carts because of their mobility.

The golf bag’s top features include:

  • Ten storage pockets and seven zips, this bag is no slouch when it comes to storage space. The bag also has a 14-way divider at the top that serves to separate clubs. The dividers are light and durable.
  • The PING Golf Men’s Traverse II also scores highly when it comes to building quality. The top has been molded by polypropylene that ensures durability while at the same time safeguards the golf club heads.
  • At just 5.5 pounds which is about normal in the golf bag industry, the bag has a recessed bottom that ensures that fits in any trolley you want to slot it in, whether automatic or manual. One big advantage of this bag is that it manages to keep all the pockets accessible while keeping the bag securely strapped onto the trolley.

A unique bag like the PING Golf Men’s Traverse II Cart Bag will is not overly expensive. Lucky for us the bag comes affordable at Amazon with free shipping fee included. You will have not regrets going for this bag because its price goes hand in hand with its utility and versatility.

Pros of the PING Golf Men’s Traverse

  • Super lightweight for its class coming in at just 5.5 pounds.
  • The bag possesses a large cooler that is able to hold a maximum of six cans.
  • PING create durable bags, and this is no exception. It’s able to stand on a flat surface when fully loaded.
  • They come in a variety of flavors to choose from.
  • The beverage pockets on the side are easily reachable.

Cons of the PING Golf Men’s Traverse

  • The dividers are the top of the bag are not of full length. They do not run the entire length of the bag and hence cause the clubs to interlock.
  • Although the overall choice of material is great, the air mesh does not follow suit. It is not that durable.
  • The zippers are plastic.


3# OGIO Golf 2017 Press Cart Bag

Designed to sit onto a golf cart this bag can also carriable but that’s down to personal preference. The OCIO Cart Bag is minimalistic while at the same time manages to ooze a premium feel. Here are the bags top features:

  • The perfect golf bag for organized golfers the OGIO Cart Bag has three colors to choose from that are not very pronounced. Carbon is probably the best looking one of the three.
  • The bag has an eight-top divider at the top. While many people will complain about the dividers being very few, I think they are more than sufficient for the habitual golfer who plays for fun or enjoys one-two local tournaments. Honestly speaking unless you are Tiger Woods or any other pro golfer who plays all day long in different terrains even a five- top divider should be sufficient. The dividers, however, are spacious are do not congest your clubs. This allows for a slight modification by sneaking one more clubs into a few dividers.
  • To play efficiently, you need more accessories than just the golf clubs. The OGIO Cart bag has you covered with eight accessory pockets to allow you to carry those sunglasses, smartphone, car keys, watch or that bottle of water just in case you might need it. One drawback however that takes many points ways from this bag is the lack of a cooler pocket though. The OGIO Golf Cart Bag is available at Amazon at an affordable price.


Pros of the OGIO Cart Bag

  • The OGIO is a Spacious bag that is perfect for regular golfers.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • It’s comfortable when carrying due to its soft carrying and lifting handles.
  • Comes with a hanger to put towels and bottles.
  • The OGIO has a premium feel and looks luxurious

Cons of the OGIO Cart Bag

  • The bags lacks a cooler pocket.


4# Sun Mountain Sync Cart Bag 2017

Designed by Sun Mountain, the Sync Cart Bag is a versatile Cart bag that locks into the majority of golf carts trolleys. This is even better if you have their reflex trolley that enables the bag to “lock” into position. The upper cart strap will prevent the bag from twisting and turning while in motion.

A cart bag hard to miss in a majority of golf bag reviews, the Sync Cart Bag is 21 cm length and encompasses a 15-way divider at the top that manages to integrate a putter compartment for optimum club management. For easier carriage, the Cart bag also has two grab handles etched with its design.


The top features of the Sun Mountain Sync Cart Bag include:

  • Eight front facing pockets that are forward facing for easy reachability while on the trolley.
  • A top-down design language that optimizes performance on a Sun Mountain Cart.
  • Sun Mountain employed the use of rugged 70D fabric that is common on outdoor applications equipment.
  • Of the eight pockets, two are specialized; 1 cooler pocket and the other being a valuables pocket that is velour-lined.
  • For the protection of the equipment during harsh weather conditions the bag has a snap-on rain hood should it start raining while you’re still on the golf course.
  • For added maneuverability, the Sun Mountain Sync Cart Bag 2017 has lift assist handles on the top and the spine.
  • The single shoulder strap on the belly of the bag is padded to ease on pressure while transporting.
  • Sun Mountain has employed the use of a new strap system that hooks the bag to the golf cart using two hooks and loops for extra security.


  • Th bag has a 15-divider top that runs through the entire length of the cart bag.
  • The bag possesses eight pockets that are conveniently placed.
  • The build is made of a high-quality tensile material that is tear resistant.


  • It lacks proper weight distribution and may fail to stand on its own when loaded fully.

The Sync Bag currently retails at Amazon for an amazing price.


5# Bag Boy Revolver LTD 14-Way Golf Cart Bag

There are no two golfers alike, and that’s why there is a wide array of golf bags to choose from. Though there might be too many types of golf cart bags in the market, their similarities begin and end with the fabric used, number of dividers and the pockets.

For the Bag Boy Revolver LTD 14-Way Golf Cart Bag, the clip lock technology is where the different features start to show up:

  • The bag has a unique mechanism with which the golfer can select the club to use easily. The bag has a 14-way rotating top that is conveniently placed to prevent the golf clubs from scratching and knocking against each other.
  • Pockets are an important addition to any golfer bag, and you would want them a closer to the cart. This is to ensure that all the accessories and or golf gear you need are easily reachable.
  • The newest features we see in bags are the removable coolers that keep you hydrated during an intense game.
  • Aside from that, the Bag Boy Revolver also packs a key clip to make it appealing to onlookers. This bag is fitted with more pockets than you’ll ever need. Eight pockets ensure that your lucky balls, tees, gloves water bottle all have a special place in your bag. Like the Sun Mountain Sync Cart Bag, the Bag Boy Revolver comes with a valuables pocket where you put your indispensable belongings.This bag is specifically designed for the golfer obsessed with storage. Eight pockets, a cooler pocket, and a valuables pocket should serve you well no matter what luggage you have.
  • Additionally, the bag is crafted with high-quality material while still managing to make it light enough for the walkers.

Grab the Bag Boy Revolver from Amazon today!

Pros of the Bad Boy Revolver

  • Every golf club has its slot separated by the clip mechanism that prevents damage from the constant knocks against each other.
  • The bag has plenty of storage for a golfer’s accessories.

Cons of the Bad Boy Revolver

  • Though it’s somewhat lightweight, there are lighter cart bags on the market, but this does not weigh down on its maneuverability.


6# Sunday Bag by ProActive

This golf bag is big enough to carry every single club you might need during your play. It also features multiple pockets, which gives you ample amount of space to bring all the accessories you need. It comes in 5 inches and 7 inches options, which both take a little space, making it easy to fit in your trunk and ideal for traveling.

Because it is made with polyester, a lightweight but durable material, it is easier and more convenient to use than other bags made with heavier materials. It weighs only 15 ounces, which is pretty light for a durable and heavy-duty golf bag. It also features a padded shoulder strap, making it more comfortable and convenient to carry on your shoulder.

This one is a good alternative to full-size golf bags. And the best part about this one is that it gives you all the benefits you need in a golf bag, and it is offered at a much more competitive price compared to the others available in the market today.

7# Nike Air Sports Lite Stand Bag

Nike Golf is pretty much one of the most chosen brands for golf gear and accessories. And it is not without a reason because while most of their products come with an average price tag, they also provide their user with great benefits and utmost comfort.

This one is designed to provide you with full benefits of a golf bag while giving you the convenience of a lightweight stand bag. It features a larger top that measures about 8.5 inches and has nine total pockets, giving you enough room for your stuff.

It also features the new Nike EquaFlex Max Air Backpack strap that provides an evener distribution of weight, making it easier for you to carry your bag when walking. Additionally, it has a compatible cart base and integrated the holder.

This one is advisable for those who prefer to walk on the course but from time to time prefer to ride on golf carts. While this one can be the dream golf bag for many, it is offered on a much higher price range than the others.

8# TaylorMade San Clemente Cart Bag

While this one might look a little heavier than the others, but it only weighs 4.4 pounds, which is still considered lightweight for cart bags. It is made with lightweight materials but is still durable enough and crush resistant. It measures 10.5 x 9 inches and features 10-way stadium top.

It features two slots for putter grips and eight total pockets with two expandable side pockets and velour-lined valuables pocket. It has a single padded strap, allowing you to carry it comfortably.

This golf bag is best for golfers who usually ride on golf carts but still sometimes like to carry their stuff on the course.

9# Callaway 2017 Hyper-Lite 5 Stand Bag

Need lots of room for your valuables? This Hyper Lite stand bag features a total of 14 pockets including one water resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket. It weighs about 5.5 pounds and measures 36 inches in height.

This golf bag also features 5-way full-length dividers and dedicated alignment stick holders to keep your precious clubs always safe. Apart from its lightweight, it has non-slip stand legs specifically made for your bag’s stability. It also comes with a matching rain hood to protect your golf accessories regardless of what the weather is.

While this one is mostly used with pushcarts, it has very comfortable shoulder straps, which will make it easier for you to carry it when walking. So whether you choose to wear it on your shoulder or transport it on a cart, you would not have any difficulty with this one.

Why would you want this golf bag? It comes with more than enough pockets to store your valuables. Additionally, it is very easy to carry because of its lighter weight. However, it can be a little more expensive compared to other golf bags on its category.

10# Wilson 2015 Carry Lite Golf Stand Bag

This golf bag is specifically designed for recreational golfers who want a lightweight bag that has enough storage for every gear he or she might need during the game.

It is lightweight but very durable and features easy-action stand for easier pitching and more stability. It has two large sized side pockets for your valuables and accessories. Made of diamond polyester, it can withstand all weather conditions and is ideal for traveling.

It also features a thermal pocket for beverage, umbrella holder, Velcro glove patch, towel ring and rain hood – which are all essential during your golf matches. It is a great choice because while it provides you with many benefits, it is also offered at a very reasonable price

11# K-Cliffs Driving Range Mini Course Training Practice Golf Bag Travel Case

 If you are looking for a golf bag that you can bring during your travels, this is probably your best choice.

This golf bag is made of lightweight and water-resistant materials, which makes it ideal if you enjoy walking on the course during the game. While it may look too small at first glance, this one can hold 6 to 7 Golf clubs. It is fully padded and has a rigid body that features a detachable plastic tube.

It also features accessory zipper pocket, which is big enough to fit some golf balls and tee. It comes with a detachable soft shoulder strap, designed to provide you with enough comfort when you are carrying it on your shoulder.

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Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Golf Bag

Type: As we have discussed earlier, there are different types of golf bags that are suitable to each of your golfing needs. Choosing a golf bag that will be most helpful and will provide you with most convenience is your primary goal when getting one for yourself.

Consider how you are going to use it. Are you planning to use it for travel or just for your Saturday tee time? If you want to bring it on your travels, of course, a more compact bag is advisable. Do you need to bring more than your basic set of clubs? You’ll need a bag that has more room for your equipment. These are the kind of things you need to think about when choosing the right type of golf bag.

Dividers: Golf bag dividers protect your clubs by separating them from your other golf accessories. Evidently, this is important to all golfer as they all want their gears to be perfectly safe at all times.

Some bags offer more dividers than the other. But in general, five to seven dividers are pretty roomy for all the clubs you might need during a match. Of course, it still depends on your preference. So if you want more dividers, it is perfectly fine. But it will also definitely add more weight to your bag, so you might want to look into that too.

Bag Pockets: Golf bag pockets come in different types. All golf bags have accessory pockets. These are the most standard pockets in your bag where you usually store your golf accessories like golf balls and tees.

Most golf bags also have valuables pockets. These pockets are used to safe keep your valuables like cell phone, wallet, jewelry and the like. They are usually made with soft materials like fur and sometimes features a water-resistant lining.

Thermal pockets can also be found in most golf bags. These pockets are specifically designed for to keep your food and drinks hot or cold.

When picking a golf bag, it is also important to choose the one that will allow you to bring everything you might need during the game. Moreover, when considering golf bag pockets, think about the gears and possessions you want with you during your tee time.

Straps and Handles: Since you will be carrying your bag most of the times during your game (unless you have a caddy at your disposal), it is important to choose the one that will allow you to carry it the most convenient way possible.

If you are planning to walk through the course, choose the ones that come with backpack straps or harness, so it will be easier for you to carry it without straining your shoulders. However, if you plan to ride on a golf cart, a single-strap bag will work just fine.

Weight: If you plan to carry your golf bag throughout the course, then considering its weight should be on your top list. As we have discussed earlier, the last thing you want during your games is to have a sprained shoulder and back as it can affect your swing. A lot of modern golf bags today are usually made with lightweight materials to provide the golfer with many conveniences when carrying his or her stuff.

On-course Storage: Whatever type of golf bag you might choose, it is important to think of its capacity to store your stuff. It is important to pick the one that can store everything you need during your stay on the course. Do you need to bring a specific weather outfit? How about your valuables? Choose a golf bag with a storage capacity that can meet all your needs.

Functionality: Obviously, golf bags stores your golf clubs and other golf accessories safely and securely. It makes it easier for you to have all the things you need during your play.

Organization: While organized golf equipment is not the most important thing when playing golf, knowing where you can find which can certainly improve the player’s frame of mind. Golf bags are designed to have a right place for each year, so it will be easier for you to locate something in case you need it

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What are the advantages of having a golf bag?

Needless to say, golf bags are important to everyone who plays golf. And here are some reasons why having a golf bag is one of the best things during your play:

Storage: Part of playing golf is having your personal equipment necessary to your game. These are your set of clubs, tees, golf balls and so on. Having a container that can fit all these stuff during the game is important.

Protection: Let us admit it, your golf accessories are pretty expensive, and of course you want to keep them safe and sound always. Golf bags provide protection not only for your accessories but also for your personal stuff you want to lose to you during your game.

Convenience: Golf bags are specifically designed to make it easier for a golfer to carry his or her things without having to strain his or her body. Your golf accessories are pretty much heavy themselves; golf bags are made so you can carry your stuff in a much easier way.

Final Verdict

A quality golf bag is an invaluable resource for any golfer amateur or professional. Being prepared puts your mind at ease and ready to execute the task at hand and having the best golf bag is getting half of the job done. Whether you prefer to carry or cart bags, there are plenty of options available. When looking to choose the bag that suits your needs, get to consider their price points, durability, and storage capabilities. Having this knowledge will go a long way into helping you pick a top-quality golf bag.