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Are you an avid golfer who loves traveling with the clubs on almost all the trips he plans? There are undoubtedly innumerable people around the world who love traveling and playing golf on their trips. But to ensure that all your golf gears reach your destination in one piece, it is a must to invest in a premium quality best travel golf bags. It is, in fact, the best way to carry your stuff easily and without worrying about any damage. Therefore, here we have compiled golf travel bag reviews for all the golf lovers. It will help them pick the best travel golf bag according to their needs. These bags are from the most trusted and reliable brands.

Comparison of travel golf bags:

  1. CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Golf Bag Travel Cover
  2. Club Glove Burst Proof with Wheels 2
  3. SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case
  4. Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case
  5. Club Glove Last Bag

Best Travel Golf Bags



Top Five Best Travel Golf Bags Review

1) CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Golf Bag Travel Cover

This is a well-made and top quality travel golf bag which is very commodious from the inside. It effortlessly allows you to insert your golf bag inside it without any hitch.

Design: A high-quality and durable 1800D nylon fabric is used in the fabrication of this golf travel bag. In-line skate wheels incorporated into the design allow easy rolling. The bag is also nicely padded to ensure maximum protection of your club heads.

Size: A golf bag of size 13 × 50 × 15 inches can be packed inside this travel bag without much ado. It is a lightweight and stylish bag that stands up on its own even when the heavy golf bag is inside it.

Usability: The bag weighs only 8 pounds when empty and around 35 pounds with a golf bag inside. Two handles used in the bag make it extremely easy to carry this bag with the help of someone else.

Durability and Protection: Your golf clubs will remain safe in this bag because it has two compression straps that hold everything together nicely. There are two address label slots to make sure the name of the bag is comprehensible to the baggage handlers, and they don’t throw it away like some other bag.





This golf travel bag has donned an ergonomic design while maintaining an overall lightweight. It comes at a reasonable price and lasts for years. You can purchase this golf travel bag and travel without worrying about any damage to your golf clubs while handling.

2) Club Glove Burst Proof with Wheels 2

It is an outstanding travel golf bag with improved various aspects. A single piece of fabric is used in the construction of this bag to ensure a burst-proof build.

Design: The US made materials like Cordura fabric is employed in the fabrication of this golf travel bag to provide high durability. Ballistic nylon is used to create the base of this bag and other fittings to ensure improved balance. In-line skate wheels with bearings make it extremely easy to maneuver it.

Size: Clubs as long as 47 inches can be accommodated in this bag without much effort. It has enough room to put in a pair of shoes, tees, and other small items. The size of the bag is picture-perfect for showing almost all the standard carry bags.

Usability: Interior shoe pockets featured in this golf travel bag are a nice touch. This bag is also highly comfortable for carrying around and has a club head security strap for convenience. Split-top zipper, two-inch webbing and a riveted lifting handle at the bottom also promote easy handling.

Durability and Protection: The extra padding around the clubs provide enough protection that is needed while traveling. The stiff arm of this bag keeps the heads of your clubs from snapping when airplane baggage handlers toss it unnecessarily.





Although this is an expensive travel golf bag, it is a well-made and immensely durable product. It is available in the variety of color options and looks incredibly stylish too. It is a great deal that is worth your money.

3) SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case

If you want something sturdier than a standard travel golf bag made from fabric, then this is the perfect choice for you. It is a hard case travel bag that will ensure safe golf gears if you frequently play and travel a lot.

Design: The outer shell of the travel case is constructed from military-grade polyethylene with high-grade molecular weight. It will keep your stuff safe no matter what happens on the outside.

Size: Internal dimensions of the case are 49” by 16” which makes it ideal to accommodate most of the standard golf bags. It will work remarkably well with all your 14 clubs and two 48 inches drivers.

Usability: Three TSA approved locks are featured on the bags that use only one key for opening. It is an excellent travel case for easy handling. The wheels work flawlessly for smooth maneuvering while traveling.

Durability and Protection: This is a hard travel golf case which offers improved protection against impacts and unwanted falls. It is also resistant to dirt, dust, and moisture for well-maintained and long-lasting golf clubs.





This golf travel case is tough, durable and superior to most other expensive bags you may have seen. It is a perfect option for you if you are not an admirer of the soft travel golf cases. It is a mid-range travel case but worth the investment.

4) Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case

This is another great option regarding hard travel golf case. It is so big and well-designed so as to accommodate even large cart bags, putters, long drivers and more. It is perfect for you if you always need extra space for other necessary items.

Design: A solid ABS shell is used in the construction of this heavy-duty travel case. This kind of amazing construction makes sure that all your contents stay safe and undamaged even after harsh handling. The club heads are impressively protected due to its padded and quilted interior.

Size: This is probably one of the largest travel golf cases with enough space inside. It can accommodate large 10.5” top golf bags and also has huge room for 48 inches longer clubs.

Usability: The case has internal compression straps for holding the gears together for more safety. The four multi-directional wheels incorporated in this case make its handling super easy. There are also two in-line skate wheels for pushing the case around the airport.

Durability and Protection: The hard shell of this case is hard-wearing and impressively protects your golf items. It holds the entire contents together and saves them from the mishandling while traveling. High-quality construction promises a long-lasting and durable travel golf bag.





This medium range travel case is available in two different color options. It not only looks stylish but also accommodates a huge number of articles without any trouble. It is a great pick for you if you regularly play golf tournaments or participate in other such events.

5) Club Glove Last Bag

This is a durable and one of the most used travel golf bags by professionals. You can put your trust in this bag for securing all your valuable golf items whenever you are traveling to someplace far.

Design: This amazing travel golf bag is manufactured in the US with one of the finest Cordura fabrics. A remarkable top zipper design of this bag makes it unique and stylish.

Size: This is the signature bag of the brand that easily houses clubs as long as 47 inches. It has sufficient space inside for storing your small items like balls, shoes and some of the clothing too.

Usability: The loading of the clubs in this travel bag is effortless because of its top zipper design. There are various additional pockets featured on the sides for keeping shoes and other accessories. You can easily lift this bag because of the strong handles located on both the top and bottom.

Durability and Protection: The Cordura nylon used in the bag is water-resistant and is three times stronger than other kinds of polyester. This bag is almost five times more durable than any other travel golf bag you will find on the market.





Club Glove Last Bag is a great, solid and worth investing travel bag for your expensive golf gears. Although it is very expensive, investing in a sturdy and top-quality travel cover will keep your valuables safe. It is a reliable option for any golf-lover who travels a lot.

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How to pack a golf travel bag?

After a pre-game travel by air or road, the greatest possible nightmare of a professional golfer is finding his or her favorite stick damaged in the torrid transit just a few hours to the start of a game. Even when your club head is that fragile, a well prepared and packed travel bag will save you from any likely damage heartbreak that may come with the nature of your transit.

Apart from saving your baggage from damage, having a compact pack will ensure you save money on baggage space in airborne transits.

Below are some few tips on how to ensure a well-packed golf travel bag for safety and economic reason:

It all starts with the bag: Trying to fill in every space for a compact package which would make your equipment invulnerable to damages may boomerang and result in a more embarrassing situation. Ergo, you will need a well-made hard shell bag. They come at a premium, but, of course, any damage to your collection may cost you more.

Add some extra hold clothing: To serve as a cushion for your golf pack against damage when it makes contact on hard surfaces, one of the options you may explore is by adding some extra hold clobbers in your pack.

Leave off no space: To have a well-packed golf travel bag, you have to make use of the available space even after your golfing materials might have been inserted.

Know what your weather says: To economize the limited space in your travel bag, make sure you know what the forecasters say about the weather for a well-informed decision on the choice of extra clothing stuff.

Protect the club-heads: The club-head is the most useful and damage-prone part of your golf club. Find a way to protect them while packing your equipment.The best way to do this is by grouping the clubs together so they can form a stronger unit.


How to pack a soft golf travel bag?

Unlike the hard-shelled golf travel bag, the soft bag comes cheaper, with more space than the former. However, golfers packing more than the bag can hold and are not braced for an embarrassing rip are usually left regretting their choice when the soft bag goes apart.

But, hey, there’s a way to pack a soft-shelled bag without you needing to go through the drama of an unexpected disappointment. Continue below to check out useful tips on packing a soft golf travel bag:

Don’t overfill: While you need to have every space filed up so your club heads will be saved from a possible neck-break, overfilling may be a looming embarrassment. So, know when to stop filling.

Cushion up your clubs: As a way to pad your graphite clubs against impact and make them more compact, you should wrap some sweaters or towels around your collection of clubs. Some bags like the Callaway’s and the Nike’s come with internal pads to protect the long club heads, you may just add some more. Don’t just overdo it.

Leave off electronics: Get your viewfinder, GPS, mobile phone somewhere else. Just like you wouldn’t want to risk having your laptop in your baggage while traveling, you should leave off fragile equipment apart from your clothing and clubs.

Use a club protection device: One of the ways to stay protected from damage if you need to use a soft travel bag is by getting the adjustable aluminum-like protection device that keeps your shafts safe even when the whole bag is put upside down.



The golf travel bag reviews here will help you make a wise decision in terms of cherry-picking the Best Travel Golf Bags. All the features and specifications of the reliable products are covered here along with their pros and cons. You can compare and contrast all the products to purchase a golf travel bag that seems perfect for your requirements.

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