Callaway Big Bertha Driver Review- Comparison Table

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Best Callaway Big Bertha Drivers-Top In the market nowadays.

Scoff at the technology, of golf drivers if you can, but know this, you aren’t a believer and wouldn’t know how exhilarating it is to take that shot with confidence and with the help of your club. Over time, golf clubs or drivers have changed in design, shape, weight but not limited to shafts. If what you are looking for is more distance, fairways or changing your slice into a draw, best ready yourself to deep a little deeper into your pockets for the kind of driver.

Callaway Big Bertha Drivers Comparison:

  1. Callaway Big Bertha Fusion
  2. Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Alpha
  3. Callaway Big Bertha Epic Driver
  4. Callaway Men’s Great Big Bertha Driver
  5. Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Iron Set

Knowing which drive to buy, as exciting as it seems, is mandatory but is met with the hard decision of not settling on a particular club. The following Callaway big Bertha driver review might help you since they make the best choice for golf drivers. But first here’s what you should note before buying any driver.

callaway big bertha driver review


Things to Consider before you buy Callaway Big Bertha Driver:

The Loft:
The loft of your driver determines the swing speed. Choosing a driver with less loft goes a long way in enhancing swift and considerable swing. The recommended lift should be at least twelve degrees and in the extreme, not less than ten degrees. This way, contrary to the popular belief that a driver with a small loft hits low and makes the ball travel faster, the ball will fly higher, faster and further give you just the desired shot you are looking for.

Head Size:
Large golf heads (460cc) comes with larger faces unlike the smaller head golf size (420cc). The larger size heads shift the center of gravity of the driver to the back of the club head. This way, momentum is increased as well as driving the ball upwards with excellent speed. However, the choice of a club head depends on one’s skill as some experienced golfers will prefer a smaller size head club for they are light and creates a desired launch of the ball.

The flexibility of the Shaft:
This refers to how much the driver’s shaft bends when impacted with the ball. Also, this factor depends on who you are as a golfer. If you have a faster swing speed, as it were, you will choose a steel shaft perhaps as opposed to golfers with low swing speeds. The later has the advantage of using shafts crafted from graphite which is more flexible. However, before buying any driver, you should do a test to see which one meets your expectations.

Is the Driver Adjustable?:
The adjustability of the driver is another factor that determines just the type you want. With it, you can administer changes for most things which include the loft, the speed, the lie among others. It also gives room for ensuring all the changes you make produce the desired results. These changes nonetheless, are not significant changes as no driver offers that. Instead of these changes, only minor ones are available which are geared more into fine-tuning than making a custom driver for your game.


Other Considerations:


Video Reeview Callaway Big Bertha


The Callaway Big Bertha Review

1# Callaway Big Bertha Fusion

This is one driver I would recommend to anyone looking for a golf club. It incorporates incredible aerodynamics with technological innovations to bring a revolutionary transition in accuracy and forgiveness. For this reason, it is one of the best drivers one would need to make good shots with fewer misses. It has an exo-cage light and triaxial carbon head which gives it a good look and great feel. In a Callaway big Bertha driver review, it earns the top rating concerning performance.





2# Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Alpha

Like the Big Bertha Fusion, this driver also ranks among the top in many categories. With little room for bad shots, which would apparently take much effort, side spins shots rarely occur for its accuracy and forgiveness is something this driver highly prioritizes. The Mitsubishi graphite shaft with weight manipulation room allows for good swings and elevates the speed of the shot. The shape itself comes in commendable with a dark brown and metallic faces for good aims and proper trajectory.





3# Callaway Big Bertha Epic Driver

The driver features a 17-gram sliding weight to enable control of shots. It has been proportioned for easy aims and spot on impact launches. It’s spot helps to reclaim bad swings or misses and align the shot with the lie and the tee. It offers automatic adjustments that suit your preference. Every penny spent on this driver is worth the rare distances and amazing styling you get. It comes with many choices for the shaft to cater for the desires of many.




4# Callaway Men’s Great Big Bertha Driver

Talk about a fast, light, stable and streamlined golf driver, and this will be the choice. It also has a stack of a variety of shaft options. It has the next generation R-MOTO technology which is a great opportunity for forgiveness and accuracy. This delivers regarding speed and correct hits. It also has a sliding weight for different impact forces with adjustable customizations one can make. This inspires confidence and satisfaction for player or golfer who uses it.




5# Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Iron Set

This set of Callaway drivers has some of the best 4-PW steel shafts. The steel runs along the shafts and lowers the center of gravity for the delivery of the right amount of energy on the ball. They have compact designs, are long and highly compressed to give the most appealing look and great performance. It’s forgiveness and accuracy are delivered through how the iron sits with stability behind a ball. The pack of technology incorporated in these irons works only to give the best results.






What should I know about Great Big Bertha drivers?

Answer: They GBB drivers are all R-MOTO engineered with fast chassis materials. There are four available weight classes for forgiveness and accuracy.

Why the adjustable perimeter weighting?

Answer: It adds to stability and to give you more control and correct shots. It also gives you room for biased draws and misses without the sacrifice of the forgiveness.

Is the weight class determined by the shaft weight?

Answer: Correct and for your swing with the right shaft we offer a variety of 19 shafts with different fits for you to find one that is suitable.

Final Verdict: 

There are lots of golf drivers out there one could choose and prefer. However, the above Callaway Great Big Bertha drivers would be the ones I’d recommend to any golfer. Depending on your level of skill and your desired shaft, GBBs come in various colors, shapes, sizes and premium quality designs. They all have different speeds with adjustments and fine-tuning customizations. This should cater for your preference on the choice, length, swing, and alignment of shots with the lie and the tee. They make the best and the highly rated drivers among other drivers that greatest golfers choose from.

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