The Best Batteries for Golf Carts: Ultimate Buying Guide

If you’re looking for batteries for golf carts that you can buy, check out our reviews and tips here.
Battery last longer now than before, but you’re only going to get the most out of it if you get the highest quality product available. That’s what this guide is all about: here you will learn what the best, longest lasting batteries are, and we’ll also offer tips for buyers like you and also information on how to extend battery life.

Golf Carts Battery Comparison Chart:

ExpertPower 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery 12V 35AH Industrial AGM Battery for UPS, Golf Cart, Wheelchair, Medical Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery - DCM0035 replacement battery
ExpertPower 12v 12V 35AH Industrial AGM Battery for UPS, Golf Cart, Wheelchair, Medical Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery - DCM0035 replacement battery
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Vehicle Service Type: treet-motor-scooters, marine-personal-craft, snowmobiles, street-sport-motorcycles, all-terrain-vehicles Uses: UPS, Golf Cart, Wheelchair, Medical Uses: mobility, agriculture, lighting, or medical devices.

The best batteries for golf carts in the market:

Here are the best batteries for your electric vehicle today. If you’ve never replaced the batteries on your cart before, you might think that it’s better to use only the batteries that came with the cart, but that’s not always a good idea as these have been proven time and again.

1. Trojan T-105 Batteries

When it comes to the battery for golf cart, the Trojan T-105 is regarded as the best in the business. The reason is its life cycle – the number of times you can charge and discharge – is 750, the best available today. The battery weighs 62 pounds, which is lighter than the T-125 which comes in at 66 pounds with a life cycle of 650.

Both of these batteries can be purchased with different terminals, with the discharge rate is 115 minutes at 75 amps or 447 minutes at 25 amps for the T-105 and 132 minutes at 75 amps or 488 minutes at 25 amps for the T-125.

T-105 Specifications:

2. USB US-2200 Batteries

Next on our list of the top battery for the golf cart is the US-125. One of the reasons why this is high on the list of golfers is they can be purchased in sets, and the company that sells it isn’t just a distributor, but the manufacturer. The battery tips the scales at 67 lbs., not bad at all. The cycle life isn’t as good as that of the Trojan at 625, but the USB US-2200 does have a superior rate of discharge: 140 minutes at 75 amps or 517 minutes at 25 amps.


USB US-2200 Batteries Specifications:

USB US-125 Batteries Specifications:

3. Exide E-3600 Batteries

When batteries for golf carts are discussed, there’s no way the Exide won’t be mentioned, as it’s hard to match regarding quality. The battery has a cycle of 600 and is notable for its resistance to vibration, one of the most common problems associated with cart batteries. The E-3600 weighs 62 pounds and comes with three gang vents.
Exide E-3600 Specifications

Exide GC2-H Specifications

Things to Consider Before Buying a Golf Cart Battery:

The batteries used on electric and gas carts differ regarding how they work:

Those for electric cars have to be plugged in after every one or two days after use to recharge fully, while those on gas carts work the same way as that on a car.

Generally speaking, you will need to recharge an electric cart battery more often, but it’s less expensive and not really a hassle if you can charge it after each use.

If you’re on the lookout for batteries, there are several things you have to consider. The first is the life cycle before a replacement is required. The rule is the higher the cycle number, the better. Don’t settle for anything less than a 600 life cycle because these products are inexpensive anyway. When buying these batteries you’re going to read stuff like minutes and amps, and these refer to the lifespan of a single charge.

batteries for golf carts

For instance, if the battery is advertised at 474 minutes at 25 amps, it means the battery is going to last 474 minutes when used at 25 amps. You can also use the batteries at higher amps, but this will shorten the lifespan per charge. Also, keep in mind battery life is affected by the number of accessories and components you use on the golf cart. For a bare bones operation the batteries are going to last a long time, but if you use GPS, DVD players and the like, the battery drains faster.

If this is your first time to keep the following things in mind:

-Compare the price of the batteries on several websites: The cost of each item has gone down considerably the past few years, and retailers are competing for your wallet so expect good deals on various websites.

-Buy only from reputable vendors: If possible, go to the official website and get the latest details about the batteries.
Don’t hesitate to ask the website questions about the batteries they’re selling. This is a good strategy as it will tell you how seriously they take customer support and if they’re knowledgeable about the product.

-Read the warranty, shipping cost and other details before purchasing: With established retailers, this need not be a concern, but for others, it’s essential, so you don’t end up paying for hidden charges.

Once you have those batteries, read the instruction manual that came with it: follow the directions for usage and any tips given there to extend its lifespan. No matter what brand you buy from, it’s important you take care of these batteries to extend their life.

Here are some suggestions:

-Charge as directed: some golf carts require charging after every use, while others only need charging when the battery has been drained at a particular level. Follow the user guide.

Water the Battery: use distilled water for washing, but only up to ¼ an inch over the plates. Do not overfill the unit because it could damage the battery and lead to corrosion.

-Keep the connections and terminals clean: as you use your golf cart, the terminal and connections get dirty, but a brush terminal cleaner or wire brush should do fine. Use the brush to remove dust and dirt, but if there’s acid, spray a little bit of baking soda on the top and clean it with water.

-Prevent sulfation with a desulfation: 80% of batteries fail due to lead sulfate buildup, but desulfation can prevent this, plus they also keep the charging times short.

-Store the batteries in the proper location: read the user manual for information on where to store the batteries. Generally speaking for winter, you should fully charge the battery and store in a warm location. If you’re going to store it outside, make sure it’s charged fully, and all accessories are disconnected. Even if you’re not using the battery, charge it once a month.

During the summer, store the battery in a cool place and look up the water levels now and then. It’s also a good idea to charge the batteries every month. Remember that maintenance, climate, and usage plays a huge role in determining its lifespan.

These batteries work fine on their own, but often it’s necessary to use accessories to get the most out of their functions. Many of these are available on Amazon, and they can go a long way towards enhancing their functions.

The Schumacher INC-3625A ’25 Amp’ 36V Digital Charger was designed to charge the battery for golf carts, people transporters, and two tractors. The charger is automated and comes with a thermal runaway protection if there’s a problem with the battery.

There’s also the EZGO 608457 Battery Wiring Kit which is suitable for the 36 Volt TXT. It works on the E-Z-GO 36V Medalist & TXT Golf Cars (for models from 1994 and up) and is meant to replace the current battery wires. It fits under your cart’s front cowl and helps keep batteries in good condition.

The Final Verdict
Batteries for cars have gone a long way, and their lifespan has improved to the point they can now be a match for gas powered carts. If you’re a first-time buyer, it can be difficult trying to figure out which of these batteries to buy. With the information provided in this guide, however, the process will be easier to comprehend.

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