Health Benefits of Playing Golf-infographic

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Golf is a favorite sport known for leisure. Many people have accepted golf as a gentleman’s sport. Did you know that scientists suggest golfing as one of the healthiest physical activity? Individuals who are not familiar with golf consider it as a faux game played by those who enjoy beer and riding in a cart.

Golfers play on a large outdoor course that can cover over one hundred acres of land. The primary object of the game is to push the golf ball into some holes, with the least number of strokes. They use different types of either wooden or iron-tipped golf clubs. The truth is that golfers get great exercises while playing the game since they are supposed to walk on foot. They carry their golf clubs using either a golf bag across their back or by pushing a cart. Are you wondering where you can purchase a good cart or golf bag? Amazon stocks the best carts and golf bags.

Playing golf comes with many health benefits. You accrue the real benefits when you carry or push the golf bag and walk eighteen holes and dot it occasionally.

Health benefits you mount up when you play golf

1. Relax Your Mind

The nature of the game track ensures that golfers to be outdoors. They get a chance to bask in nature hence acquiring numerous health benefits that are good for the body and the mind. Recent studies show that constant exposure to nature helps to relax the mind, further contributing to suppressing tensions. Participating in outdoor activities contributes to alleviating stress since one gets a chance to interact with others. Therefore, it becomes easy to share an interest and forget all anxieties. Direct exposure to the sun gives the body an opportunity to gather vitamin D. Therefore; it’s right to say that all golfers have well developed and healthy bones have lower risks of depression and heart diseases. These are the advantages that arise from having enough Vitamin D in the body.

2. Burn harmful calorie

A golf truck covers between thirty and two hundred acres of land. Therefore, it requires the player to do a lot of walking. Skipping out of the cart and walking around the golf truck ensures that a player covers not less than five kilometers. If a golfer opts to carry his clubs, he ends up burning more calories. A recent study recorded that walking; carrying and swinging involved in golfing can burn over 1000 calories in every game. That is why golfing is far much better than going to gym. Next time you plan to lose several calories considers golfing as your first option!

3. Maintain your Hearts Health

When you play golf, you end up involving your heart in some exercise. Carrying the golf bag and swinging the golf club increases the heart rate. Therefore, the exercise keeps the heart pumping leading to increased blood flow. Do you know the benefits of racing your heart now and then? It helps to minimize the risk of getting a cardiovascular disease. It also serves to lower the levels of the harmful cholesterol.

4. Keeps your Brain Healthy

Increased heart rates allow blood to flow to the brain. The result is improved connections of the nerves. The result is a reduction of chances of acquiring some heart disorder such as dementia. A committed golfer is always in competition with himself and other golfers. Therefore, his mind is always in a mental challenge. Consequently, they can boost their levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. The process of tallying the scores helps to improve the coordination of various organs such as the hands and the eyes. Therefore, the mind becomes active in logical functions.

5. Makes you Vision Better

The ball used in golf is around, small and white in color. Sometimes, the ball flies to very long distances. Therefore, a golfer will require an excellent vision to zoom in on that shot. Therefore, golfers learn to refine their vision on small targets from long distances. They develop the ability to hone the vision of the ball even when it is on the tee before they make a swing. Golfing will benefit your eyes more than carrots can do because it helps to improve the coordination of the eyes and the hands.

The Health Benefits of Playing Golf-infographic

Health Benefits of Playing Golf

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