Bag Boy TriSwivel II Golf Push Cart

Product Name:Bag Boy TriSwivel II Push Golf Cart
ASIN (Product Code):B00EUZO1YW
Color:Matte Black
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Last updated on December 13th, 2019 at 10:00 pm

Bag Boy TriSwivel II Golf Push Cart Features

  • Swivel technology enables the front wheel to rotate 360 levels offering the perfect in maneuverability
  • Full characteristic additional deep scorecard holder entails: golf ball storage, original cell phone holder
  • Stand and cart bag friendly higher bag bracket with adjustable aid fingers
  • Far Flung swivel lockout locks the entrance wheel into situation
  • Control mounted parking brake, easy three-step fold

Product Description

The TriSwivel II presents effortless maneuverability with an opening wheel that rotates 360 degrees. Lock the swivel wheel into the situation via attractive the Remote Swivel Lock Out when running hills or lengthy distances. This cart is effortless to fold with three simple steps making it compact for storage.

The Bag Boy TriSwivel II Golf Push Cart Sets New Standards


Is the Bag Boy Tri Swivel II Golf Push Cart right choice for you? Learn the answer in this review.

The Bag Boy Tri Swivel II Golf Push Cart takes the typical three-wheeled golf push cart and adds a fresh twist to it thanks to the pivoting front wheel. According to the manufacturer, this gives the Bag Boy the feel of a power steer, and that isn’t just marketing hype because it’s true. To put it in simple terms, the Bag Boy makes pushing carts a breeze in the fairway.

Fold and Unfold

Unfolding the Bag Boy TriSwivel II Golf Push Cart is simple due to the ergonomic design and there’s more than sufficient storage space for your needs. The cart is a bit blocky when folded, but it’s no big deal. Just make sure to read the instructions, so you don’t make any mistakes when folding and unfolding.

Weight and Size

The Bag Boy weighs 19 pounds, and while it’s a bit larger than other golf carts, it’s entirely manageable. When the cart is folded, it isn’t that wide or long so it should not be an issue fitting it in your car. If you’ve got a small car trunk, you’ll need to make space for this, though.

Ease of Configuration and Set Up

The Bag Boy required some assembly and provided you go over the instructions carefully with the golf cart with you; it’s only going to take a few minutes to set everything up. Once the golf cart has been assembled, you just need to unfold the TriSwivel, and that’s the easy part.

All it takes is just five steps:

First, the upper bracket has to be pulled, then you pivot the front wheel, so it’s in position, unlock the handle and then pivot this to the location you want.

Now you just have to re-lock the handle, and you’re done. If you’re worried about the security of your golf bag, don’t be as there are Velcro straps on the bottom and top.

With all these features it’s hardly a surprise that it’s popular among golfers today. Not only is it fully functional but it’s cost effective too. Check out Amazon for the latest price.

The Golf Cart in Action

What makes the Bag Boy stand out from the rest is the way it handles when on the golf course. With the pivot front wheel, you will have little trouble getting it to go where you want it to on the course.

First-time users might over-steer the first couple of times they use this, but give the Bag Boy Tri Swivel II Golf Push Cart a few holes and it’s going to be second nature.

The best way to describe the Bag Boy is that it’s easy to maneuver: not only does it make pushing and rolling easy, but the cart is light enough you don’t need to use both hands when pushing. If the pivot wheel keeps turning you just press the button to lock it into position, great if you’re rolling the cart downhill or uphill.

Locked or not the wheels move along nicely, and you can adjust the handle, so it suits the height of the golfer who’s using it. Even when you’re pushing the cart in different directions, there’s no need to be concerned that it will topple over as long as the pivot front wheel is locked.

The brake lever is on the push handle’s left, and the bar’s red stripes appear when the lever is pulled, providing a quick reminder it’s engaged. This is a small feature but is very functional and handy. Last but not the least, the tires are constructed from solid foam, so you’re not going to get a flat tire.

The front wheel pivot makes cart pushing natural
The Velcro straps are adjustable
Your gear is secure
Good value for your money

The instruction manual must be ready to take full advantage of the golf cart
The vehicle is still a bit large even when folded


One of the things you’ll notice with some golf push carts is they’re too stripped down and lack essential features. With this, you have a golf cart that’s brimming with all the features you could want. If you want the best that your money can get, buy the Bag Boy Tri Swivel II Golf Push Cart at Amazon now!

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