Best Electric Golf Carts Review: Top 8 Golf Trolley Products (Updated)

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The Best Electric Golf Carts for the Links

Let’s face it; carrying your golf clubs on your back is not something that everyone can do, especially if you are playing more than one round of golf. Pushcarts are great, but it takes the effort to push a golf cart across the terrain that you can find on most golf courses. Using an electric golf trolley is a great way to traverse the course with little or no effort. You can still walk the course because it is tradition, but the electric golf cart will act as your caddy and bring your golf clubs and equipment to the next hole for you.

With that being said, you want to make sure that you are purchasing the right golf cart for your needs. In this guide, you will be able to take a look at some of the best electric pushcarts on the market and the pros and cons of each. Before we begin with our best electric golf carts review, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of owning one.

best electric golf carts review

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Comparison of best electric golf  cart or trolley:

  1. Best Electric Golf Cart for Variable Speeds: Bat-Caddy X4R Electric Golf Cart
  2. Best Electric Golf Cart for Simplicity:Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart
  3. Best Electric Golf Cart for Rough Terrain: Spin It Golf Products GC1R “Easy Trek” Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart
  4. Best Electric Golf Cart for Stability:Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Caddy
  5. Best Electric Golf Cart for One-Touch Folding: GolferPal EasyPal Electric Auto-Folding/Unfolding Golf Push Cart
  6. Best Electric Golf Cart for Maneuverability: Spitzer RL150 Lithium Powered Light Weight Remote Control Golf Trolley
  7. Best Electric Golf Cart for Battery Life:FTR Caddytrek R2 Black Robotic Electric Golf Cart
  8. Best Electric Golf Cart for Monitoring Battery Life:Bag Boy Quad Navigator Cart


Electric Golf Trolley

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Benefits of an Electric Golf Cart

Of course, the biggest benefit of using an electric golf cart on the course is that you can save your energy for your game instead of spending it lugging your equipment from hole to hole. The most important aspect of the game of golf, which is actually striking the ball, is only a very small percentage of the game. The majority of the time, you are traversing the course, which means that you are using your energy during your travels instead of on your swing. Using an electric golf trolley allows you to save your energy, but that is not the only benefit of this type of product. Let’s explore a few more benefits:

Walking around on a golf course can burn far more calories than riding from hole to hole. In fact, studies have shown that playing 36 holes of golf and walking without the hindrance of a golf bag or a manual push cart can burn up to 3,000 calories. Not only that, cardio is a part of any exercise plan, and doing it on the course can help lower your cholesterol and control your blood pressure, just like walking anywhere else would.

A golf bag can be rather heavy, especially when it is filled with drivers, putters, and other types of golf clubs and equipment. That being said, using a traditional golf bag can put a strain on your back, your neck, and your shoulders. Injury can easily occur, especially when you are hauling your equipment over uneven terrain. Having an electric golf cart can minimize the risk of injury greatly because you will only need to manually lift it when you are taking it in and out of your vehicle.

Even though you don’t need to worry about repairing the fairway, driving on the grass does cause damage over time. If you can prevent the damage by using an electronic golf cart, then the course will remain in good condition so that you can enjoy your game for a longer period of time.

Best Electric Golf Push Cart Reviews

1# Best Electric Golf Cart for Variable Speeds: Bat-Caddy X4R Electric Golf Cart

The first electric golf cart that we will be looking at is the Bat-Caddy X4R. It is a very durable product that only weighs about 25 pounds. It is about eight inches by five inches by six inches in diameter, which means that it is not a very large model that you will need to heft around. However, it is durable enough to carry 77 pounds of weight around the course without bogging down when it comes to speed.

This golf cart comes with two 200 watt motors that run on a 12-volt battery. The battery will last about six to eight hours on average, which is plenty of time to get in a game of golf. When the battery starts to get low, you can simply recharge it, though it will take four to six hours of your time. You should get 150 to 200 charges out of the battery before it needs to be replaced.

The frame of this cart is made from aluminum and stainless steel, so it does offer a lot of support. In addition, the wheels are airless so that you never catch a flat on the green. This golf cart is controlled by remote, so as long as you are between 80 and 120 yards from the cart, you will have full control of all of the settings. There is also a USB slot on the device so that you can charge your phone if you need.

This golf cart comes with a seat, a cup holder, an umbrella holder, a scorecard holder, and a one year warranty that covers the parts and the battery if anything malfunctions. Go here for more information.



2# Best Electric Golf Cart for Simplicity: Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart

If you want an electric golf cart that is so technologically advanced that it simply follows you around the fairway, then the Stewart Golf X9 is a great option to consider. At first look, you will notice the very futuristic looking design that the cart sports. It is available in three different color options: metallic black, metallic silver, and pearlescent white. The wheels look like they have little hub caps on them, which will resemble the wheels of a sports car as the cart cruises along the green.

It runs using a 12-volt lithium battery, which can be upgraded if you wish. The battery life should last for about 36 holes, as long as you are playing on a flat course. It will not have too much juice left at that point, so it will need to be recharged. There is also a handset that is designed to connect with the golf cart through a Bluetooth connection so that you can easily communicate with it.

Once you have your connection set up, place the cart in follow mode and as long as you have the handset on your person, the cart will follow you as you enjoy your game of golf. If you want the trolley to remain in one spot, you can clip the handset to the handle to tell it to stop.

Insofar as stability, this is a very solidly built device. It can maneuver across most terrain with ease; in fact, it can easily go up hills without tipping over or having any issues. go here and get more information.



3# Best Electric Golf Cart for Rough Terrain: Spin It Golf Products GC1R “Easy Trek” Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart

If you are having trouble getting across uneven terrain with your golf cart, then the next electric cart that we are going to review is a great option. It is designed with airless tires so that it can handle hills and loose gravel with ease. In fact, it can handle a slope that is up to a 25-degree angle with little difficulty. It also features dual 200-watt motors that will give you enough power to haul your golf equipment across the course with little effort.

If your cart ever gets stuck in the mud, there is a freewheeling feature that you can kick into gear when the power is off that allows you to manually move the cart. This may not be the most convenient thing to do since this electric golf cart weighs about 55 pounds, but if you have no other way to get your cart back on the fairway, then at least you have options.

The batteries are designed to last for at least 36 holes, but when the juice is gone, it will take about 12 hours to fully recharge them again, which means that your golfing for the day will be done unless you have a spare battery. Luckily, if you are playing one round of golf, the batteries will only require five hours to recharge. It is controlled by remote, but if you happen to misplace the control, the direction and speed controls are also available on the handle. go to the website and see the more information.



4# Best Electric Golf Cart for Stability: Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Caddy

The next electric golf cart that we are going to take a look at is the Bat-Caddy X3R. It is a cart that is made with an aluminum frame, which means that it is designed to be lightweight and easy to move. Even though it is made out of aluminum, this cart is durable enough to take a bit of wear and tear from your golf games. The wheels are actually made out of stainless steel, which makes them water resistant so that they do not rust over time.

This cart has dual 200-watt motors that give you the power that you need to maneuver different types of terrain without being loud. To control this golf cart, you can use the remote that is included in the packaging. It controls the speed as well as the direction that you want to go from up to 120 yards away. There are also hand controls on the cart itself as well as a manual mode that can be entered when the cart is turned off.

For your safety, the trolley will stop moving if it does not have a signal from the remote after 45 seconds. This is so that the cart does not continue to move along the green when you expect it to stop. When it comes to the battery power of this device, you can expect it to last for at least 27 holes, which means that you should have six to eight hours of use before it needs to be recharged. head over the website and see more information.



5# Best Electric Golf Cart for One-Touch Folding: GolferPal EasyPal Electric Auto-Folding/Unfolding Golf Push Cart

If you find that you have trouble folding push carts, then this GolferPal EasyPal electric golf cart is right up your alley. In fact, the one-touch button that is located on the cart itself will fold and unfold the unit without any help from you at all. Since this cart is designed to be lightweight, it has an aluminum frame that brings the total weight of the electric cart to a mere 16.8 pounds, which is easy to lift when you need to bring the cart to the course.

The wheels on the cart are a little bit different than the ones that we have reviewed thus far, meaning that there are actually four wheels on this cart instead of three. This gives the cart a bit more stability when it needs to traverse hills and rocky terrain. All four wheels are 10.75 inches in diameter, which gives it, even more, stability so that it does not tip easily.

Insofar as the battery, this cart requires a 12-volt lithium battery to function. This battery will need to be recharged from time to time, but you can expect it to last for six months or more without needing to be replaced. In addition, the golf cart comes with a one year warranty that covers the parts of the unit if anything malfunctions. go their website and get more information.



6# Best Electric Golf Cart for Maneuverability: Spitzer RL150 Lithium Powered Light Weight Remote Control Golf Trolley

The next electric golf cart that we will be looking at is the Spitzer RL150, which is a lightweight model that is designed to be easy to lift when you need to. In addition to that, the model can fold down into a more compact design that will easily fit into your vehicle.

Insofar as the power of this golf cart, you can expect quite a bit from the dual motors, which means that you will be able to play on any course with ease. In fact, the lightweight design makes it even easier for the cart to traverse hills. The cart is controlled by way of a remote control that is able to determine the direction that the cart goes in as well as the speed that it travels at.

This electric golf cart is designed for lithium-ion batteries, which means that they are powerful enough to last for a long period of time without needing to be replaced. In addition, you should be able to get a full 18 holes of golf out of a single charge on this battery. Also, this type of battery is light, so it will not add much additional weight to the cart when it is in place. go to this website and see more information.



7# Best Electric Golf Cart for Battery Life: FTR Caddytrek R2 Black Robotic Electric Golf Cart

The next electric golf cart that is going to be reviewed on our list is the FTR Caddytrek R2, which is a robotic golf cart that is designed to carry your bag across the fairway for you. That being said, using this bag would require very little effort on your end because this cart is designed with a hands-free operation mode. This feature is made more convenient because it comes with a handset that can be used through a Bluetooth connection.

With this handset, you can control the cart in a few different ways. First, you can put the cart on follow mode so that it simply matches your pace as you walk and follows you where you go. To keep the cart stationary, you need to put the handset on the cart itself. You can also control the direction and the speed of this golf cart using the remote mode, which has a range of 100 feet. If you turn off the cart, there is also a manual mode that can be enabled.

The cart requires a lithium-ion battery to function on the course, but it is designed to last for quite a while. In fact, you will be able to play at least 27 holes before you need to recharge your battery. In addition to this, the cart is designed with large back wheels, which gives it more traction as it traverses hilly or uneven terrain. When you are ready to call it a day, you can simply fold up the electric cart and pack it away in your vehicle. head over the website and see more information.



8# Best Electric Golf Cart for Monitoring Battery Life: Bag Boy Quad Navigator Cart

The final electric golf cart on our list is the Bag Boy Quad Navigator Cart. Controlling this cart is easy to do; it comes with a remote control that allows you to point the cart in any direction; including reverse. It also gives you control of how fast the cart is going across the green. To display all of the information regarding the speed and the battery life of the golf cart, there is a digital display that is positioned on the handle of the cart.

To make sure that the cart is balanced, there is a gyroscope designed into the cart to help balance it on all types of terrain. The four wheel design also helps to stabilize the push cart. This cart also has a score holder that you can make use of, a cup holder, an umbrella holder, and a solar charger to keep your phone topped off while you golf.

The golf cart does require a 12-volt Lithium-ion battery to function, but it should only take about four hours to recharge that battery after it is out of juice. If you only play 18 holes, then it should only take two to three hours to replenish the charge. In addition, this golf cart is also able to fold into a more compact size so that it easily fits into your vehicle when you are done playing golf for the day. see more information here.



Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New best electric golf cart

As with any new purchase, there are a few considerations that you will need to make before you chose which electric golf cart you are going to purchase. Here are some of the most important considerations to make:

The most important thing to think about when you are deciding which material you want your new electric golf cart to be constructed from is the amount of durability that the material will give to the product. Typically, there are three materials that are used for electric golf carts.

Aluminum is the more lightweight option of the three, which means that you will not have any issues lifting it when you need. Unfortunately, this softer metal can dent on occasion, so that is something to be aware of.

Titanium is a stronger material, but it may cost a bit more than a cart made from aluminum. Steel is the most durable option, but it is also the heaviest. Consider the strength and durability of all of these materials before deciding which one is best for you.

The weight of the electric golf trolley that you choose should also be considered because you are going to need to lift it in and out of your vehicle every time you play a game of golf. The material and the type of battery will determine the weight of the cart, so if you can’t lift much weight, then you should consider an easy to lift option.

Not everyone walks at the same speed, which is why you need an electric golf cart that allows you to control the speed that it moves at. Some models have speed dials on the device that you simply adjust when you need, while other models only have a basic on and off switch.

If you are planning on using this cart on different courses that have different terrains, then you will want to be able to control the speed; in fact, if you play on a hilly course, you may even want a cart with a braking system.

Unless you live next to your favorite golf course, you will need to transport your electric golf cart to and from the fairway. With that being said, most models on the market today can fold into a more compact size that fits in most vehicles, but verify the dimensions of the folded cart before making a purchase.

Some models are designed to come apart so that they fit into your vehicle, which means that you will need to be able to quickly reassemble the cart when you arrive at the course. If the electric golf cart that you select is difficult to assemble, it will take longer for you to start your game of golf with your buddies.

Since these golf carts are electric models, they will need good batteries in order to run. Consider how long the battery that the golf cart uses will last as well as how long it will take to recharge before you make a final decision on which electric golf cart you want to purchase.

Don’t forget to think about accessories. Some golf carts have cup holders so that you can stay hydrated on the course as well as umbrella holders to shade you from the sun. You can even find electronic golf carts that have the ability to charge your phone. Consider the accessories that are the most important to you, then see if you can find a golf cart that comes with those features.

Electric Golf Carts Review


Final Thoughts

Having an electric golf cart will make your golf game a lot easier to manage. In fact, if you are spending a lot of energy pulling your manual pushcart across the course, then you will be able to focus more on your game with an electric push cart. Hopefully, our best electric golf push cart reviews have given you an idea of the best options on the market. If you are unsure which cart is best for you, take some time to compare the most important features of your top choices and find the best electric golf cart for your needs.



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