Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System

Product Name:Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System
Brand:Game Golf
ASIN (Product Code):B00JDZWQZK
Color:Red , Black
Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System

Last updated on December 13th, 2019 at 09:58 pm

Product Features

  • Improve Your Game – From tee to green, track and analyze your entire golf game
  • Know Your Distances – See how far you hit each club and dramatically improve your hits
  • See Your Stats – Fairway Accuracy, GIR, Putts Per Hole and more; Real stats that will help you overall improve your game
  • Share & Compare your stats with anyone, even the Pros

Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System

The world`s first automatic golf was playing tracking system today.
GAME GOLF offers a revolutionary way to track your shot performance.Track shot by shot all your stats so you can view your game and improve weaknesses and mistakes.Tracking critical factors of your playing will help you become a lot better player!

Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System lets you keep track of your game with pinpoint accuracy.More specifically it allows you to:

• Track and quickly review your game statistics rounds in your personal desktop.
• Compare your game statistics against others in different scoring ranges to identify strengths and weaknesses in your game.
• Use the performance data of the club to know how far you hit the clubs and remove spaces between clubs.
• View shot dispersion and trends, for the club and the distance from the tee and approach
• Share posted rounds on social media or by email with friends your coach or anybody that matters to you!
• Compete in worldwide virtual challenges with other users of the Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System gadget

No doubt this device can help you dramatically improve your game!

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