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Product Name:Intech LiteRider Cart (10-inch wheels, steel frame)
ASIN (Product Code):B013XRCUXQ
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Last updated on December 13th, 2019 at 10:00 pm

Intech LiteRider Cart Product Description

Handy pull cart for strolling golf courses Long Lasting, lengthy-lasting metal frame Smooth-rolling 10-inch wheels.

  • Useful pull cart for walking golf courses
  • Durable, long-lasting steel body
  • Tender-rolling 10-inch wheels
  • Weighs 6.9 kilos

The Intech LiteRider Cart (10-inch wheels, steel frame) – Light But Powerful

Read more about the Intech LiteRider Cart and decide if this golf cart is the right choice for you!
There’s a glut of golf push /pull carts today, and one those that continuously draws attention is the Intech LiteRider Cart (10-inch wheels, steel frame). While the competition is stiff, the LiteRider has deservedly caught the attention of many golfers because it’s got an extensive feature set and yet is easy to use.

What are the Features?

This cart has a somewhat unassuming appearance, but it has the features you need to walk around the golf course without any trouble. The first thing you’ll notice is the frame: it looks durable, and it is, as the whole thing is constructed from solid steel and built to last.

In spite of the fact that the cart is made of steel, the Intech LiteRider Cart (10-inch wheels, steel frame) only weighs 6.9 lbs. If you play golf regularly, you know how significant weight is: a cart needs to be as light as possible, so the added weight of the gear you put there doesn’t make it too heavy. The problem with other pull carts is they end up using inferior materials to reduce the frame weight, making it look and feel cheap.

There’s a scorecard holder built in, and while it’s nothing fancy, does the job right. There are also holders for golf balls, tees, and your pencil, plus there’s a water bottle thrown in.

Fortunately, that won’t be a problem here as the frame is both light and durable. For such a compact pull-push golf cart the LiteRider does what it’s supposed to do so it’s no surprise the product is much sought after. If you’re interested, you can check it out on Amazon right now.

Intech LiteRider Cart in Action

Of course, all of these beautiful features won’t mean much if the cart doesn’t perform well on the golf course, but the good news is it does. The cart moves rolls along nicely and the handle folds, and this causes the wheels to compress in. The same compression happens with the bag rest, and this tells you a lot about the design.

The Intech LiteRider Cart (10-inch wheels, steel frame) shines when it comes to convenience. The scorecard holder does what it should, and even when you’re constantly on the move, it doesn’t come loose. The holders for the golf balls and pencil are ideally placed and within easy reach and the water bottle holder is also easy to grasp. The fact that a water bottle has been added is a nice gesture too.

Even when the cart is full, the movement is smooth and steady and provided all your gear are stored properly, you don’t have to worry about any of them falling off. Just make sure your pencil and scorecard are securely in place, so they don’t fall off; as long as they are set in the right place, there’s no need to worry about the item slipping.

Given the fact that the cart is very inexpensive, it’s packed with all the essential features and a little bit more. There’s a bit of assembly needed but it requires nothing more than just screwing the wheels on, and it’s set. Another nice aspect of the cart is you can either pull it or push it and even if you’re moving uphill this isn’t going to cause any problems. It helps a lot that the wheels are wide and large, so you don’t have to exert a lot of effort.


  • The lightweight makes the golf cart easy to push around
  • Have several features that make it convenient to use
  • The cart rolls smoothly on any golf course
  • The frame is made of steel and apparently built to last
  • Offers great value for your money



  • Not as feature packed as larger golf pull /push carts
  • The handle works fine but could have been better designed


There’s no shortage of golf push carts today, but many of them suffer from feature bloat and are more trouble than they’re worth. If you’re a casual golfer and want a practical cart that you can walk on the course, this is exactly what you’re looking for. The
Intech LiteRider Cart (10-inch wheels, steel frame) is reliable, dependable and comes with all the features you’d expect, so buy now at Amazon!

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