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How to Put Your Golf Bag on a Push Cart

How to Put Your Golf Bag on a Push Cart in 5 Easy Steps (And Facts about Modern Golf Push Carts That You Didn’t Know) Introduction There are issues buzzing around the greens lately. It concerns veteran and amateur golfers alike, who are arguing whether to ride, carry, or push their golf bags. Some of them who have health issues want to use electric golf carts to ride into and carry them and their bags around the golf course. While...
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Health Benefits of Playing Golf-infographic

Golf is a favorite sport known for leisure. Many people have accepted golf as a gentleman’s sport. Did you know that scientists suggest golfing as one of the healthiest physical activity? Individuals who are not familiar with golf consider it as a faux game played by those who enjoy beer and riding in a cart. Golfers play on a large outdoor course that can cover over one hundred acres of land. The primary object of the game is to push...
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