Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag

Product Name:Sun Mountain C130 Golf Cart Bag
Brand:Sun Mountain
Weight:1 pounds

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Over the years, most people have wondered why I always recommended the Sun Mountain C-139 Golf bag to people when they seek advice which bag to purchase. The truth is that I have nothing against other bags. In fact, I could recommend any bag but to be honest, I can never trade quality over price.

This is because I have never seen any golfer out there who does not contend with this bag. It is simply the cart bag that sets the standard for all the best bags out there. The main reason why this bag continues to be the best-selling golf cart bag in the market today. Some of the exciting features that come with this bag include; abundant pocket space, golf friendly features and other new features such as smart straps which offer a new way to secure the bag to a gold cart.

Below is an unbiased review of the Sun Mountain C130 Golf Cart Bag:

Unique style

One of the many reasons why the Sun Mountain bag has remained and still is the best bag is the fact that it has a unique style. This style is unique for any golfer out there. This is particularly the case with the 2015 version where the branding is just tasteful. The primary color combinations, on the other hand, are also perfect. The colors range from black/citron to khaki/camo and white lime. In short, if you are the kind of a show stopper, this bag can come in handy.

Sun Mountain C130 Golf Cart Bag

Perfect Design

For any cart bag or golf bag, the quality of the design should start at the top. The Sun Mountain C-139 Golf bag has made sure that it has perfected this. The bag has 14 full-length dividers which ensure that your clubs remain organized and slide in and out of the bag quickly. The dividers are also well padded to make sure that you do not get any unnecessary wear of the shafts. The top is also set in a way that you can access each club easily when it is in the cart. The other requirement of a good modern gold club is that it should be able to easily accommodate the biggest putter grip. The Sun Mountain C-139 Golf bag does this perfectly. check out How to Put Your Golf Bag on a Push Cart.

High quality

Nothing beats the quality, and that is what the Sun Mountain C130 Golf Cart Bag is all about. The Sun Mountain C-139 Golf bag is a first rate when it comes to quality and construction. First and foremost, look at the handles. Any bag’s handles are easy to estimate its quality, and the quality of the Sun Mountain C-139 Golf bag are undeniable.

The handles on top of the shoulder are strong and durable meaning they are going to last for long. There are also Cart bumpers for added durability. When it comes to the zippers, they have a quality feel and operate smoothly.

Super performance

When it comes to performance, this bag will not only bring a super performance, but you will enjoy it. First are the handles which make moving the bag easier. Then the bag has some pockets facing forward so that, they are easily accessible when the bag is strapped onto the cart. The last thing is that the bag is very simple to use making its performance high.


· Weighs less for easy portability

· Has tons of pockets making it convenient

· Durable to extend its life


· The big side stretches making it difficult getting a second bag on the cart.

Features at a glance

  • Unique style for golfers
  • Perfect branding
  • Comes in different colors
  • Sturdy and durable handles for long lasting of the bag
  • Cart bumpers for added durability
  • Zippers with a quality feel and operate smoothly
  • 14 full-length dividers which ensure the clubs remain organized and slide in and out of the bag quickly
  • Well padded dividers
  • Easily accommodates the biggest putter grip
  • Handles which make moving the bag easier
  • Forward facing pockets for easy accessibility


Frequently asked questions

  • Question- by any chance, is there room on the club wells for plastic club tubes?
  •  Answer- I am uncertain of that but why would you consider using tubes? The club wells are usually well constructed to protect your clubs well.
  • Question- is it possible to remove one of the pockets for embroidery?
  • Answer. No
  • Question- How big is the putter well?
  • Answer- the putter space is 3” by 2”. Oversized putters be an issue.


My honest opinion of the Sun Mountain C130 Golf Cart Bag is that this bag is just one of its kinds. First, you are going to enjoy the great look of the bag. Then there is the excellent performance coupled with the bag’s durability. This is a bag that every rider deserves to have. The Sun Mountain C-139 Golf bag has also received praise for its unique style that is very attractive compared to other golf bags. If you like this bag, then make your purchase from They have a variety of them and at an excellent price.

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